S.M.L.B Shingne Shikshan & Arogya Prasarak Mandal,Khamgaon



(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati)

NAAC Re-accredited with Grade A+ CGPA 3.32 (2nd Cycle)

National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS Motto

The Motto or watch word of the national service scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU”

NSS Motto expresses the essence of democratic living & upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of other man point of view and consideration for fellow human being for the upliftment of the welfare of the society.

Code of conduct for NSS Volunteers.

  • All volunteers shall work under guidance of a group leader nominated by the PO (Programme officer)
  • They shall make themselves worthy of the confidence and co-operation of group community leadership.
  • They shall scrupulously avoid entering on to the pages of the Diary and submit to the group leader / programme officer for periodic guidance.


The NSS unit was started in our college. There was small unit at the beginning. We enroll 100 students every year. The scheme utilizes the leisure time of students for two years. They participate in various social services which not only help the community but also provide an opportunity through community service. The scheme brings NSS students in direct contact with public and community problems, needs & development process. NSS Motto is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU” as per the motto. We carry out various activities and campaign in our college and adopted village. The NSS volunteers offer helping hands to the needy people. Our NSS unit always participates in the government programs as well as (NGO) non government organization. Last year 2013-14 organized ‘Adult Education’ by NSS volunteers’ village level. This year we have adopted another village “Jaypur Lande” for cleanliness India campaign for four years. We have also organized special camp at the adopted village we have also organized two rally in Khamgaon. First rally on AIDS day and another on literary campaign. The NSS activity is going smooth under the monitoring & supervising of P.O. and IQAC

NSS Symbol:

The symbol of the National Service scheme as appearing on the cover is based on chariot wheel of the Konark Sun Temple depicts the cycle of creation, preservation & release and signification. Wheel indicates that the movement in the life across time & space. The wheel signifies the progressive cycle of the life.

NSS – NSS Badge

  • Eight Chakra’s – Youth ready for the service round the clock
  • Read color – Youth is full of blood, lively, active and spirited.
  • Blue – Youth cosmos calm discipline & courageous & express contribution for mankind service.

Our College NSS Unit:

Our college Unit started from 2001.Now following lecturers are working as programme officer.

  1. Prof. Dr. D. U. Raut
  2. Prof. H.P. Yeole


National Service Scheme is at developing the overall personality of NSS volunteers through community service, NSS volunteers the youth of the nation is the main beneficiary of the programme of,

  1. Developing a perception about the community.
  2. Overall development of NSS volunteers.
  3. Instill social moral responsibility among students.
  4. Development of a leader ship quality, organizer & the Administrator.
  5. Get opportunities to interact with the community closely & thus get as experience of human nature in relation to their environment.
  6. NSS volunteers get 5 marks for two years.
  7. Volunteer aware with ground level problems so they can find the way.

NSS advisory committee:

1) Chairperson Dr. S.N. Patil (Principal) Chairman
2) Programme Officer Prof. D.U.Raut
Prof. H. P.Yeole
3) Staff Members Shri. Dhananjay Mahale Members
4) Representative from adopted village Sandip Gore Sarpanch
5) Dist .Coordinator Dr. Vishnu Padwal Members
6) Regional Coordinator Dr. chhaya Jadhao Members
7) NSS student Sukeshni Gawai Members
8) NSS student Dikshant More Members

The overall function of the NSS advisory committee at the college level is to advise on the various activities of the NSS unit based on the feel needs of the students & the community. It should meet regularly, at least three times during the year. It takes various subject for discussion, important among them is a special camp.